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Maps SEO Domination

What You Get:

A lot of people who do Local SEO aren’t aware of the actual battles they face!

In the intro, I present my argument that I believe to be the true Maps SEO battle, and how to determine your particular project’s battles and the overall battle plan should consist of.


“Fundamentals ” Fundamentals” module is the heart of learning the how and what complete the course.

The description says “succinct and makes clear the point without the need for a lot of fluff.”

The actions that have to be completed are each one of them, very easy.

What’s the point in striving to get a position on in a GMB If it’s only suspended after 6 months?

One of the most critical pieces to ranking most clients is ranking them well in the maps…

Just look at how much more space the Maps listings (and the ads) take up now vs several years ago:

You used to be able to see 5 normal organic SEO listings above the fold…

Now, you see ZERO…you can’t even see all the maps listings!

…and I even made my browser as tall as I possibly could on my 30 inch monitor…

The effect is even stronger on mobile:
Therefore, I set out on a mission in December of 2018 to really crush it in maps for myself and my clients…

and I’ve not given up since then…

I’ve been at this for over 2 years and I’m more convinced today than I was over 2 years ago that Maps SEO is becoming more and more important for local businesses.

I was already able to rank pretty well, but I wanted to know if there was more that I was leaving on the table…

So I purchased several products…studied them…

…and applied a wide range of techniques to a bunch of test GMB’s (37 to be exact)…

And, WOW…I think I hit gold…

Results from the 37 test GMB’s:

I increased my maps rankings in 32 out of 37 tests…

…and 13 out of those 32 went up by more than just a little in the maps…

…and 1 of them went from barely ranking to top 3 all over the place in the maps in a big city for a competitive keyword! ????

…in 2.5 months

…and I didn’t even throw the kitchen sink at all of these test cases.

Furthermore, I’m continually testing new techniques with my test GMB’s

Want to Crush it For Yourself and Your Clients in Maps?

…then the Maps SEO Ninja Training is for you.

Get Instant Access to (Digital) Sharp Objects $997 $437


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