[GET] Email Side Hustle Coaching Program – Make $1k-$5k+ Per Month Writing Simple Emails for Businesses

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You Too Could Get Paid An Extra $1k-$5k Per Month Or More Writing Simple Emails For Other Businesses

Here’s Exactly What You’re Getting:

In just 5 short weeks as you follow along with the Email Side Hustle blueprint you will…

SETUP YOUR FOUNDATIONS: You’ll setup your website, branding, pricing, niche, and service without stress and overwhelm. No longer will you have to fart around for months worrying about what to do and how to do it. I’ll give you the fast-path to set everything up in as little as ONE day

CREATE YOUR DELICIOUS OFFER: You’ll craft an offer that looks like a tomahawk steak to a person who hasn’t eaten in 2 weeks. You’ll love how fast and easy “offer creation” is for you when you follow the simple, step-by-step guideline laid out here.

GET LEADS: With your delicious offer in hand, now you’ll follow the proven blueprint for finding and attracting your ideal clients using the principles of “hunting” and “fishing”.

​And… you’ll do this without spending a dime on paid ads, without worrying about complicated tech or fancy funnels, and without sending spammy messages that piss people off.

PICK THE PERFECT BUSINESS TO WORK WITH: If you follow the steps in the blueprint you’ll find yourself with a very good problem. Leads will be raising their hand wanting to take you up on your offer… yet… while some of them will make fantastic clients who are excited to pay you top dollar for the results you deliver…

​MANY of the leads you attract will be new businesses, time wasters, and “struggle bunnies” who cause a ton of stress and headaches.

​For your sanity, profits, and time freedom you MUST learn how to tell the difference between the worst and best. This is where the FILTERING PROCESS in Email Side Hustle comes in to save your day. (FYI: Nobody teaches this and it’s a major reason people continue to struggle with getting the right clients.)
CONVERT LEADS INTO CLIENTS: You’ve filtered your leads for the best ones who will be a joy to work with and pay you what you’re worth. Now you’ll convert those leads into clients by inviting them to try out your “no-risk” delicious offer.

​You’ll be thrilled when you see how much easier it is to get clients to say “I’M IN” without having to do any hard convincing. Heck… you might even start ENJOYING the sales process more than you ever have.
MAKE IT RAIN FOR YOUR CLIENTS: You’ll write winning email campaigns that make it rain for your clients so they pay you month after month. Your clients will think it’s magic when you run my “Meat on the Bone” campaign that puts an extra 5-6 figures into their bank account.

​You’ll also be learning an evergreen money-making SKILL that you can use for the rest of your life, no matter what business model you choose. As long as you’re selling something to someone who can read, this is a skill that will pay you forever.



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