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  • Course’s name: Dan Martell – 8 Week Growth Accelerator
  • Size: 1.70 GB
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  • Last Update: 2021

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8 Week Growth Accelerator helps you build systems that will get you more customers faster and set you up for scalable growth.

If you are in the early stages of building a software company (<10k MRR), and you are looking for the tools to find your product-market fit, nail your messaging, build a repeatable customer acquisition strategy and a scalable sales & onboarding process… this is the program for you!

Enroll In The Growth Accelerator Today.

  • Nail your product-market fit
  • Create a reliable customer acquisition engine
  • Learn best-in-class conversion and on-boarding strategies
  • Scale to predictable revenue

8 Week Growth Accelerator Outline:

  • Growth Map™ (focus on revenue-generating activities)
  • Content Marketing Strategy™ (system for repeatably building authority)
  • Winning Webinar™ (key components of creating a successful sales webinar)
  • Partner Playbook™ (bring in the right partners to leverage their audiences)
  • Paid Ads Funnel Flow™ (assemble a funnel that generates positive ROI)
  • Trial Conversion System™ (activate new trials and customers)
  • Rocket Demo Funnel™ (create a scalable sales process and rock your demos)
  • Company OS™ (structure your company meetings and operations

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